About Tidepoint

TIDEPOINT PICTURES, LLC, established in 1996, is a motion picture distribution company that bridges the Pacific to bring contemporary and cutting–edge Asian films to North American audiences. Together with its strategic partners, Tidepoint releases English-language versions of its films in all media including in theatres, for the home entertainment market as well as for television.

Tidepoint recently launched a new label for the unusual, the bizarre, and the fantastic:BONE HOUSE ASIA.

TETSUKI IJICHI, President and CEO, has produced and distributed films for over 20 years. His feature production, Yami No Carnival (Carnival in the Night) directed by Masashi Yamamoto, was the first independent Japanese film to be officially invited to screen at both the Cannes International Film Festival's Critics' Week and the Berlin Film Festival's Young Forum. Mr. Ijichi began his career working with advertising agencies including Dentsu Films and JSP Advertising where he produced short films and managed film-related events. He was a pioneer in producing festivals to showcase new independent Japanese cinema. Mr. Ijichi went on to manage the Tokyo office of Kuzui Enterprises where he distributed films including David Byrne's Stop Making Sense, Arnold Schwarzenegger's Pumping Iron and Sting's Bring on the Night. With Elizabeth Wilkerson, he established Borderstep Inc., a Tokyo-based entertainment production company that introduced cutting-edge African American and European movies and musicians to Japanese audiences. Born in Kyoto, he graduated with a degree in Film from Waseda University.

MUST-SEE MOVIES:Tales of Ugetsu; The Most Terrible Time in My Life; The Shining; I Am Cuba; One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

ELIZABETH S-WILKERSON, Chief Strategy Officer, is an entertainment lawyer and producer who specializes in the legal and financial aspects of new business ventures. Ms. Wilkerson worked in Mergers & Acquisitions at Morgan Stanley & Co., practiced international securities law at Mayer, Brown and Platt's Tokyo office, and later became one of the world's first "cyber-lawyers" when she joined Netscape Communications. Ms. Wilkerson was VP of Business Development for Riffage.com, an Internet music start-up focused on the digital distribution of music. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, she received her A.B. from Harvard University and J.D. and M.B.A. degrees from Stanford University.

MUST-SEE MOVIES: Sugar Cane Alley; Seven Samurai; Late Bloomer; Matrix; Sidewalk Stories; Farewell, My Concubine.

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